Galveston, Texas: Day Trip

So what do you do after a weeklong trip, more than 40 hours worth of road tripping behind you, and one more week worth of jam packed activities from Monday to Friday? Well,if you’re anything like us, you head for the shore… one more time! Only this time we were in the Texas Gulf Coast, taking in a little of the Gulf Coast breeze, wandering the streets of Galveston Island, and checking out the art scene at the Galveston ArtWalk event.

There’s really quite nothing like being in the moment and taking it all in. For us, that something that we sometimes struggle with. Partly because there’s two of us and each one of us has their own personal preferences on what to do for relaxation and how. We like doing things together. And we like relaxing together. A veces it’s just a challenge to see eye to eye. Anjelica likes to make plans. I like to just wing it and figure it out as we go. And usually we end up somewhere in the middle.

That’s pretty much how we ended up in Galveston. Anjelica had scoped out the ArtWalk and penciled it in to her calendar. She suggested it on Saturday morning, and I was like “hey, why not?” And well, if I’m completely honest, after the last month we’ve had, it was exactly what we needed.

It was super calm for some reason (more than usual, I would say), and very busy with the hustle and bustle of lots of others. It was busier than I remembered for Galveston, but everyone else who was there on the island seemed to have the same carefree attitude we had decided to adopt for our day trip to Galveston.

¡Nos la pasamos bien padre!  

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