Yes, I know where to get a goat

Yes, I know that is a random thing to say.

This weekend that question came up.

“Do you know where to buy a goat?”

Mind you we live in Houston, and contrary to popular belief, Houston is one of the largest metropolises in the country. The fourth to be exact. Although you wouldn’t know that if you talk to a lot of folks who’ve never been here and seem to think all of us Texans are riding around on horses all day. Well we are… but on horsepower, which is not the same.

Anyway, I had to stop and think. “Do I know where to get a goat?”

Of course, five seconds later the answer was “YES!”

So off we went to find a live goat. The intent for buying a goat I believe had something to do with birria or barbacoa. I know, I know… so sorry, so sorry. I apologize profusely!

As we were walking into the establishment that sold these said goats I had to chuckle to myself, I guess you can tell I’m a country boy at heart!

Some of you will be happy to know no goats were actually available so we didn’t even end up buying one… BUT still, it’s always interesting to learn something new about yourself.

Yes, I know where to get a goat
Photo by reclaimedhome (flickr)

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