What “Dump Trump” has meant for U.S. Latinos

What "Dump Trump" has meant for U.S. Latinos

In the days since Donald Trump’s insensitive and less than flattering words about immigrants of Mexican descent many things have happened. One major network very publicly fired the real estate mogul. Then another. And then another. Several brands have also severed ties with the presidential hopeful citing his inappropriate and offensive language as the primary reason for letting him go. Celebrities, politicians, online influencers, and everyday citizens have all expressed their disapproval of his offensive language.

It’s hard to understand if he could have ever imagined the backlash his words would inspire.

What is undeniable is that as Latinos, almost in unison, our community has raised its voice and made it clear to Trump and others who may share his beliefs that we will not tolerate this type of discrimination any longer. Unlike generations past such as those of our parents, in which staying quiet and protesting in silence was the norm, our generation is vocal and unwilling to bow our heads in shame or hopelessness. If anything, Trump’s little fiasco has made that perfectly clear, not only to the world, but most importantly to ourselves.

Where many have wondered just what it would take to unite community as large and diverse as ours – Hispanic or Latino, whichever you prefer. Turns out a few choice words by one individual have done what many have all but thought was impossible. In the last couple of days, we have stood united, not only as Latinos, but as human beings who understand from our own experiences or those of others near to us, that being an immigrant does not mean one should be helpless, or an easy target for anyone. No matter how successful, wealthy or famous.

I am proud beyond words. Not for the consequences brought upon Trump, but because of the many wonderful and brave words that were elevated in defense of a defenseless community. May no others make the mistake of underestimating our unity in culture and experience.

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