Mexican rockers & Mexican beer

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Cerveza Montejo. All opinions are our own.

Ever since Cerveza Montejo came into our lives a couple of months ago, we have literally been seeing the Mexican beer pop up all over the place. All of the little tienditas around our neighborhood stock Montejo now. The grocery store where we shop carries it too. Friends have told us they had to try it because we piqued their interest on social media. Even on the radio, no matter how long or short our drive is we always hear at least one Cerveza Montejo advertisement. Our senses could also just be heightened because we’ve been enjoying our collaboration with this Mexican brand so much.

Whatever the case, it is undeniable that Cerveza Montejo has made a splash in the states!

Auténticamente Mexicana

They say and really have branded that slogan. We really do like it, for the record. And you know, what better way for an authentically Mexican beer to drive home that message than by partnering with one of Mexico’s ultimate rock bands. We’re talking about Maná of course! Los roqueros are ambassadors for the brand, and Montejo is sponsoring Maná‘s current tour, which next month stops in Houston.

We’re so excited. Especially because Cerveza Montejo is sending us to the concert VIP style. Woo-hoo! Literally counting down the days over here. 🙂

Look for our post-concert report then too. In the meantime, here’s what Maná had to say about their partnership with Montejo:

“Montejo is one of the few beers made in Mexico and imported to the United States that doesn’t try to adopt an Anglo personality or try to change what it is; also it’s a beer that honestly tastes delicious, and created with the rain, wind, sun and the earth of Mexico. Drinking a Montejo is drinking Mexico,” said Fher Olvera, vocalist for Maná. “It’s important for us to feel the connection with our heritage and our fans, especially when we are traveling. We can’t be more proud of having Montejo as our sponsor to help us celebrate our music with our fans in the United States.”

Mexican rockers & Mexican beer

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