First Look: The Gloria Trevi Story

Well, according to media reports Mexican super star Gloria Trevi is not very happy with the forthcoming biopic film about her life. If you’ll recall, Trevi, once considered the Mexican Madonna, spent several years of her life in Brazilian prisons after accusations against her and her manager, Sergio Andrade, claimed the pair had subjected young female members of their entourage to sexual abuse and corruption.

Trevi was eventually acquitted in Mexico, but not before having her reputation almost completely destroyed.

Today, the songstress has once again successfully revived her career, albeit with a much more tame on-stage persona compared to her once raunchy and carefree performances. In fact, those performances garnered the Mexican entertainer an ultra loyal fan base that even despite the accusations against her, in many cases, never faltered.

Nonetheless, this film, which reportedly received Andrade’s guidance and counsel, is set to be released in 2015, and once again is reviving a very dark part of Trevi’s career.

A part that according to many reports the singer would very much like to leave in the past.

In case you have not seen the trailers yet, here are the first two released by the studio that produced this film.

Will you watch GLORIA?

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