Cantinflas, the movie

Words can’t begin to express how excited we are about the upcoming Cantinflas movie. It actually looks really good, and we’re hoping that this will be one Hollywood film that won’t disappoint. Like really hoping y’all! We’ve both grown up with Cantinflas all of our lives, and like many Hispanic families across the globe, we always remember the Mexican entertainer known for his larger than life personality and career with a bit of nostalgia.

For me, the mere mention of his name evokes a lot of great memories of watching his films with my parents and laughing at his singular way of bringing our Mexican sense of humor to life on the silver screen. People sometimes say that to really make it in the world of entertainment you have to have a certain je ne sais qua that only a certain number of human beings possess. If you’re lucky enough to have it, chances are your legacy will live on for many generations to come. There’s certainly no doubt Mario Moreno Cantinflas was born with that charisma.

I hope this film will leave us with a clearer picture of who the man behind the legend was.

The movie hits theaters August 29. We’ll certainly be there to watch.

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