When we go to el Súper… this happens

Nombre, pos la merita verdad, somos ¡bien canijos!  By that I mean me and Edgar.  Every time we go to the grocery store for our groceries, it’s like we’re just bouncing off the walls. It may be the magnitude of so many food options around us all at once, or the promising lure of sugars and sweets all over the place (we purposely don’t have a lot of those around at the house), or it could just be that we’re both bien traviesos. Whatever the case, the point is we can’t seem to BEHAVE!!

From arguing about different foods, exaggerating over new food items, and my personal favorite, sneaking one, or a couple, chocolate covered almonds from the huge container full of them, the big box stores are just like a theme park for these metiches.  Anyway, since we are actually intent on making more videos this year, I thought why not make a video of our antics… y bueno the rest is history!

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