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Mexicans Call for Peruvian Talk Show Host Laura Bozzo to Leave Their Country

Well, Laura Bozzo has finally done it.  After fleeing her native Peru amidst a whirlwind of scandals and accusations, and installing herself in Mexico permanently, to continue her transnational talk show Laura, this month, she has finally pissed off another entire country.  Well, all I can say is we should have all seen this coming.

Laura has made a name for herself in the US and Latin America by hosting a very Jerry Springer-esque television talk show that some say exploits the most impoverished and underprivileged in Mexico.

They used to say the same thing about her show when it was filmed in Peru.

This latest wave of anti-Bozzo sentiment, however, started when Laura reportedly utilized a government-owned airplane to fly herself and her film crew to the Hurricane Manuel ravaged city of Coyuca de Benitez in Guerrero, Mexico.  She was there to film footage for her talk show, and almost immediately the backlash began.  Mexicans have become so enraged with her actions – they are accusing her of exploiting the victims of the hurricane in order to obtain higher ratings on her show – that the hashtag #FueradeMexicoLaura has been a trending topic in the country for days.  There’s even a Change.org petition that was started to demand that she leave the country.

Laura, for her part, has been pretty defiant on her Twitter account so far.

Vamos a ver.  Who knows who might have the last laugh in this fight?

In the meantime, here are a couple of the images that have been making the rounds on the inter webs of Mexico… including a video titled Vieja Mentirosa dedicated to Bozzo.

Laura Bozzo Fuera de Mexico

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