And Everyone Had A Great Time Last Night At The Telcel America Mexico-vs-USA Fieston!!

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So I told you all the party was going to be a great one!  Last night nos la pasamos a toda madre con the great people of Telcel America and some of Houston’s biggest US and Mexico national soccer team fans.  There were mariachis.  There was dancing.  There was singing.  There was even a little despapaye and la pisteada was also a toda madre.  The only thing missing was a goooooooool… from either of the teams.  ¡No importa!  Like buenos mexicanos we all still had a great time.  LA and Phoenix also had a great time watching the US-Mexico game.  Check out Gina Ruiz’s post here for proof, and well here’s como se puso la fiesta in Houston!

Fieston Mexico vs USA Telcel America!

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Who knows how to throw a party? @TelcelAmerica #TelcelUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Juan Alanis
Supporting our Mexico! #TelcelUSA #MexicovsUSA Alanis
@SandraSays you made feel like i was watching the game next to you 🙂 @telcelamerica #TelcelUSAFrida Villalobos
Anoche no hubo goles en el Mexico-USA pero si mucha emocion. Se sintio la pasion x el futbol! #TelcelUSA #MexicoMilagros Duran
Gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron en la fiesta del #MEXvsUSA de @TelcelAmerica! #TelcelUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Univision Arizona
Team USA and Team Mexico in Houston for #MexvsUSA with #TelcelUSA @p_martinez713 @fernandezjrz @ReMeX87 <a href="" class=""></a>Telcel AMERICA
go go go go go go go go go go go go go go… @telcelamerica #telcelusaSandra Fernandez
We will not sleep till the game is over or at least until someone scores. #telcelusaAnjelica
Los jugadores no anotan el gol todavia pero los fanaticos siguen anotando tequilas. #TelcelUSAMilagros Duran
they stand ready to cheer… give us some good news! @telcelamerica #telcelusa <a href="" class=""></a>Sandra Fernandez
they watch the game closely @telcelamerica #telcelusa <a href="" class=""></a>Sandra Fernandez
Watching the soccer game reminds me the time the games with my aubelitos. #Latinos #latism #TelcelUSAXicanoPwr
Premios para partido #MexicovsUSA Playera de equipo México #TelcelUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Telcel AMERICA
The tension in Houston is thick con cada casi goooooool!!! #TelcelUSA #MexicovsUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Juan Alanis
Just witness this poor girl waving her hands at the TV and mouthed "what" … I feel her pain #MexicoVsUSA #USAvsMexico #telcelusaAnjelica
@Camila_MQC @POCHO_CHOLO @TelcelAmerica The dilemma of the Mexican American, Poch@s, Chican@s. @TelcelAmerica #TelcelUSA #MEXICOvsUSAmexicanwoman
You can cut the tension with a knife! Team USA or Team Mexico? #MexvsUSA #TelcelUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Telcel AMERICA
@TelcelAmerica auch!! #TelcelUSAFrida Villalobos
Pero chin… No fue GOL! #MexicoVsUSA #telcelusaAnjelica
Waiting for the game Mexico vs USA #telcelusa <a href="" class=""></a>Anjelica
@Juanofwords @DanielNCalderon en Houston para partidazo #MexvsUSA @record_mexico #TelcelUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Telcel AMERICA
Las Chicas #TelcelUSA de Houston @sandrasays @mexicanwoman #MexicovsUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Juan Alanis
Already chanting. You know who this crowd is going for #mexicovsusa #TelcelUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Anjelica
@Juanofwords @la_anjel @mexicanwoman at the #telcelusa party! @telcelamerica — funny face! <a href="" class=""></a>Sandra Fernandez
Orgulloso mexicano aquí en Houston para #MexicovsUSA #TelcelUSA <a href="" class=""></a>Telcel AMERICA
Mariachi & Fanaticos. ¡Y Ajua! #TelcelUSA #MexicovsUSA Alanis
Food and drink, that’s what I need! @telcelamerica #telcelusa <a href="" class=""></a>Sandra Fernandez
Las Lindas chicas #TelcelUSA #USAvsMexicoDaniel Calderon

This is a sponsored post. Telcel America is sponsoring the above mentioned event, and is also the sponsor for this post on Juan of Words. To learn more about Telcel America visit them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @TelcelAmerica.

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