Write The Caption: What The Whatchamacallit?

necessity is the mother of invention
What do you call this?

You know how they say necessity is the mother of all invention?  Well this little gem I found online just made me crack up about how ingenious we really can be when push comes to shove.  In this case I’m assuming there just wasn’t a cooler or a refrigerator anywhere in site.  Either that or the folks at Laugh It Out really have an incredible sense of humor and a wickedly great creative side.  I’d say probably both, but it also got me thinking about something else.

Why don’t we play a game with this picture?  You write the caption – make it as funny and clever as you can – and the winner, according to how hard you make me laugh, will win a special Juan of Words goodies bag.  Nothing sponsored or brand oriented, just a couple of hand selected goodies from yours truly that will hopefully put a smile on your face.


Leave your comment and an email address where I can contact you here, on or before midnight on Friday, March 30, 2012, and I’ll let you know if you should expect a special prize pack from me in the near future.

Happy miercoles!

11 thoughts on “Write The Caption: What The Whatchamacallit?

  1. Beatriz couldn’t figure it out. Ever since her mother had come to live with them, her husband had insisted on taking over the laundry and disappeared for long periods of time to “fold towels.”

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