New Music: 3BallMTY & Their Cultural Phenomenon Sound

Don’t know how or why it happened, but it’s safe to say that I am now a fan of something called 3BallMTY.  What is it?  I’m not exactly sure myself yet, but it is one of the most infectious music sounds I’ve heard in a while.

Zebra print botas picudas in 3BallMTY video.

I think I first heard their music at a wedding or quince and didn’t really care too much for it.  Then it started catching my attention over the radio.  That usually happens with me.  I won’t like something at first until I’ve sampled it a couple of times.  Hasta la misma Adele me fastidiaba al principio.  Now I can’t get enough of her.  But yeah… this track for Intentalo is making me want to put on a pair of botas picudas and dance around like the guys in the video.

That’s the thing about this seemingly new genre of music – which the creators themselves describe as a fusion of cumbia, Tribal Guarachero, Latin House, Afro and Experimental beats – it feels so familiar and new at the same time.  

The 3BallMTY Collective itself is described as a group of three prodigy teenagers from Monterrey who have been spinning and pushing their own music in Monterrey, Mexico for years now.  They say their unique hybrid of music is now catching momentum and creating a cultural phenomenon across the world.  They do still play quinceañeras and private parties too, though!

For me, what really sealed the deal was to see the mixture of culture and tradition being upheld and honored in a new generation.  All of the kids in the video look so proud of the tribal dancers when they come in and start dancing. That was awesome!  Granted tribal itself is a relatively new genre of music as well.

12 thoughts on “New Music: 3BallMTY & Their Cultural Phenomenon Sound

  1. All it takes is for me to see or hear someone mention “3BallMTY” and I immediately have Inténtalo stuck in my head – I can hear it and feel the beat as if it were really playing. LOL. I don’t know, there’s something about it man.

  2. I love this SONG!!!! Intentalo is on the top of my list. Odd I know, but this beat is just awesome! Lo de las botas picudas en el video es lo unico que como que no me gusta pero bueno hay gusto para cada quien.

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