Mexican Grocery Store Shopping For The Masses at Mi Tienda

There’s a new store in the neighborhood.  I know, “so what!?”  But this isn’t just any other store.  It’s Mi Tienda!  If you’re still staring at the screen blankly, it’s okay.  Let me explain.  Mi Tienda is supposed to be sort of like the ultimate grocery store-panaderiataqueriarefresqueriacarniceria-and-more-in-one place for all of your Mexican grocery store shopping needs.  The store is 100 percent catered to a Latino and mainly Mexican clientele… so we had to go check it out.

The new Mi Tienda

The store itself is actually owned by Texas-based mega grocery store chain HEB.  You know, “Here Everything’s Better,” according to their own marketing.

Pan dulce del que quieran...

Gotta say, I was impressed with how much freshly made sweet bread they actually had on hand.  We were good and only looked.

Edgar: "Look, is that a cow?"

Edgar really got a kick out of the meat department.  Guess you can’t get any more fresh than beef hanging in that cooler in there.

Here we go, acting like a freaking tourist... now I'm thirsty!

Sadly, in order to complete this post it was necessary to make somewhat of a spectacle of myself.  I’m sure the other shoppers were like “miralo… este guey, tomando fotos… ¡jajaja!

So much masa!

This was seriously chingon!  I didn’t even know there were that many variations of masa out there.  There were just as many different tortillas too!

All shades of color! Wow!

If you don’t have access to any of these products in your city, desde ya, accept my apologies for the cruel and unusual punishment in these pictures.

My cheese namesake, tocayo 🙂

Now I know there is a monument, several cities and even more churches with my same name, but had no idea there is a San Juan cheese too.  ¡Arriba los San Juanes!

¡Ay Tutis-Frutis!

These just look good, and for some reason I always here people making fun of someone who is “acting” extra delicado by saying ¡Ay, Tutis-Frutis! 

Hasta pa lavar los chones...

Y’all know the story of how we did everything with ZOTE for a while!  Well, the Ariel and Suavitel are just as good.  Just don’t use them to shower.  Trust me on this one!

Stop the traffic, what's this!?

Now you know when I saw this selection of Mexican beer I had to stop.  “¡Perame, Perame, Perame, Jelica… look!”  They had all the beers you can usually only get on the other side of the border… and it was so hard to choose!

Too hard to choose just one!

Finalmente Sol and Tecate were the winners for me.  After this I was ready to go.

Even the restrooms tan bien mexicanotes!

Even the restrooms are bien mexicanotes, jajaja!  There was no way of taking a picture of the music, but believe me when I tell you they were blasting the norteñas. 

Nomás que la hora de pagar...

When it was time to pay… ¡nombre, ya no queria ni las cervezas!  

But it wasn't so bad... y hasta pronto, Mi Tienda!

In case you’re wondering though, I did buy them anyway.

Finally leaving la tierra... oops, I meant tienda!

I think we’ve found the place where we’ll be buying groceries from now on.  Their prices are pretty reasonable (even the prepared food is pretty cheap), and they have so many cool Mexican products… stuff I hadn’t seen in years.  Mi Tienda brought back a lot of great memories for me.

This is not a sponsored post.  I did not receive any compensation for the content of this entry.  All of the opinions are my own. 

9 thoughts on “Mexican Grocery Store Shopping For The Masses at Mi Tienda

  1. I’m so celosa! That store looks awesome! I LMAO when you mentioned what the people were probably thinking while you were taking fotos. We appreciate it though. Great post.

  2. Sorry Tara and Yaya… this post should have come with a warning. “Warning: This post may make you a) celosa b) hungry c) lust over Mexican food, jajaja! I was really excited when I heard about them opening up, but had no idea they were open until the other day when we happen to drive by the store. The building where they are at used to be a pulga. Somehow that seems strangely appropriate 🙂

  3. AYE KE CELOS TENGOOOOOOO…. I love it…. maybe u should put in the suggestion box that they bring one to Idaho 🙂

  4. OMG!!! I knew HEB was opening a costco/sam’s version, but Mi Tienda..that’s cool. Also shows the influnece of our Lations in this country! love the ““¡Perame, Perame, Perame, Jelica… look!” sounds like my hubby!

  5. “Sadly, in order to complete this post it was necessary to make somewhat of a spectacle of myself. I’m sure the other shoppers were like “miralo… este guey, tomando fotos… ¡jajaja!””
    Jajaja. I hear ya!

  6. I am kinda jealous actually… I thought Chi-town was pretty mexicanized. But I haven’t seen any red or green tortillas here… 🙁

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