Changes To The Blog(s)

You might have noticed changes over the last couple of weeks on my growing list of social media profiles. Believe me, it’s not intentional to have this many channels of communication, but as Juan of Words continues growing – no, not just sideways! – I figured it was time to better organize the content coming from yours truly. The main reason was that it was starting to feel like my main home online (this website) was beginning to get a little cluttered.

So here’s the simple breakdown of what is where now:

  1. On This Website – I’ve simplified the content categories into the following subjects a) Dichos y Refranes b) Cositas Latinas c) Growing Up Latino d) Raising a Bilingual Kid e) Mi Vida No Tan Loca, and f) Latino Entertainment – this will hopefully make it easier for you to find the content you want from this website
  2. My Home Away From Home – a few weeks ago the Houston Chronicle gave me a much more “pimped out” presence on their website, and I have been trying my best to make the most of this online real estate. My posts are sometimes a little bit shorter and are more adaptable to my passion for chisme and farandula, especially about Telenovelas – I’ve been on a Teresa craze lately –but I hope you still find them entertaining… y me siguen dejando comentarios eh!
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  4. What I Like – this blog started out because of my love for writing and I want it to stay that way! Many of you have expressed sincere appreciation for the stories I’ve shared about myself and mi familia, and to be quite honest I’m deeply touched that you can relate to my words… what’s more, that you enjoy them. Thank you! Still, there are always cool little finds that I run into and want to share. Neither of the two previous blogs seemed like the right place to post this stuff so, of course, I created another account, LOL! ¡Estoy un poquito loco, ya sé! On this space I’ll share with you everything and anything that catches my eye and that I think you might enjoy as well.
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  6. And then there is the Facebook Page for Juan of Words. If you’re on Facebook and want a quick place to receive updates from all these various sources, I’d recommend you LIKE my page on Facebook. Would really be cool to see your faces ahí también.

If all else fails, your casita will always be here waiting for you, and I will continue to do my best to keep you in the loop as much as possible. Gracias for the continued support y aquí seguimos charlando. ¡Abrazos Raza!

¡Bien Contenis!

6 thoughts on “Changes To The Blog(s)

  1. It’s insane the number of social networks we need to adapt to and juggle. I wish it was all in one space but people are so diverse and like to get their information/entertainment in so many ways, so, así es!

    I’ve long been neglecting organizing my online self a little better. I just don’t have the time or focus needed. LOL. Some day soon.

    Felicidades on all your success, hermano. May it continue and we’ll say we knew you when 🙂

    1. Ya mero hermana, jajaja… never had any intention of having so many profiles, but i hated having to post everything and anything on this blog, and this just gives me a better way of organizing myself. hopefully it makes sense for everybody else tambien… i spent several hours on this the last couple of days 🙂

  2. Orale Compadre, you are the one and only, the ubiquitous Juaaaan of Woooords!!!! (gritos, porras y fanfarrias!)

    I´d drive myself crazy with so much, pero there is so much creativity in you that it seems perfectly normal for you to have so many outlets. Yay! We get to read more of you!
    Felicidades Compadrito!

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