Rata De Dos Patas, And Other Scorned Love Worthy Songs

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Para una corazón roto there’s definitely nothing like a Spanish song about despecho. That feeling that you get after a love affair gone wrong, kind of a mix between hatred, anger and disappointment, where all you want is to spite the other person and let them know that “you will survive” without them at your side, or even that “you’ll be stronger than yesterday.”  Who would have thought I’d be quoting Britney Spears as part of this post!

Yet in all seriousness, las letras of our songs can sting pretty darn bad.  Think La Tumba Falsa by Los Tigres del Norte, Abeja Reina by Los Traileros Del Norte, or even Lola La Grande’s Paloma NegraHasta when you’re not heartbroken, these songs just make you want to let out a giant ¡AJUUAA! In honor of these great lyrics, let me just share a couple.  Make sure and share your favorites here también!

Abeja Reina by Los Traileros Del Norte

Te ofrecieron un trono mejor / Donde tu reinaras / Desayunas caviar con champan / Todas las mañanas / Te podrán sobornar pero nunca / Te darán su sombra / El amor mi querida señora / Con nada se compra…

La Tumba Falsa by Los Tigres del Norte

Y en esa tumba falsa quedaron enterrados / Toditos los recuerdos de tu maldito amor / Ahora que volviste / Que quieres que les diga / Ni modo que reviva a la que se murió…

Paloma Negra by Lola Beltran (this one is my all time favorite)

Y aunque te amo con locura, ya no vuelvas / Paloma negra eres la reja de un penar / Quiero ser libre, vivir mi vida con quién yo quiera / Dios dame fuerzas, que estoy muriendo por irte a buscar…

La Media Vuelta by Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Te vas por que yo quiero que te vayas / A la hora que yo quiera te detengo / Yo se que mi cariño te hace falta / Por que quieras o no / Yo soy tu dueño…

Al Diablo Lo Nuestro by Espinoza Paz

Al diablo lo nuestro se acabo, tu no eres mi otra mitad / ¿Porqué siempre tengo que ser yo quien llore más cantidad? / Al diablo lo nuestro, se acabo, voy a desaparecer / Y al menos pidiéndote perdón no me volverás a ver…

Rata De Dos Patas by Paquita La Del Barrio (no list would be complete without her)

Rata de dos patas / Te estoy hablando a ti / Porque un bicho rastrero / Aún siendo el más maldito / Comparado contigo / Se queda muy chiquito / Maldita sanguijuela / Maldita cucaracha / Que infectas donde picas / Que hieres y que matas…

6 thoughts on “Rata De Dos Patas, And Other Scorned Love Worthy Songs

  1. Ladies, you’re balancing out the testosterone on the blog… had not even thought about that Alicia Villareal song, but yes, absolutely it qualifies, as does anything from La Jenni Rivera… hmmm, going to be jamming later tonight! Keep em coming 🙂

  2. You know which is my favorite. jajaja… Espinoza “Corazón!” Paz 🙂

    When I have a fight with Carlos sometimes I’ll just go drive around playing Al Diablo Nuestro y cantando a todo grito. jajaja

    Another good one is “Ya lo Sé” – the version by Jenni Rivera. I swear that when I sing along with all my heart, from inside my head, I sound like an awesome female mariachi. When I record it and play it back – not so much. ROFLMAO… My poor family.

  3. jajaja! I sound like a bad ass rock star in my head tambien, and all of the notes I can hit too… to me anyways. Others don’t have the same opinion for some reason… no me entienden! But yes, you’re right La Jenni’s version is pretty despechada, and of course I knew Corazoncito would be your favorite!

  4. La media vuelta de Jose Alfredo Jimenez is the bomb!! Of course nowadays we have Adele… So that about settles that. u.u

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