Almost Ready To Hit The Road… in our Malibu, But Not Quite Yet

And the adventure begins!  In true mexicano style, while you’re asleep we’re still packing and getting ready to hit the road.  After a really hectic day where we did more en un sólo día than we typically do in an entire week, I’m sitting at the computer writing this post while Anjelica sweeps the house and writes her own list of what not to forget in the morning.  The only one that seems to be getting rest for our trip is Edgar, who at this very moment is likely dreaming about all the new adventures that await him on our journey from Texas to DC and beyond.

Los tiliches getting ready to hit the highway...

The day started out in typical Alanis-Cazares fashion, with us waking up late and yelling “oh crap!” as we realized we’d stayed up way past what we should have the night before.  I had a story to write and turn in before we left and Anjelica had tons of errands and preparations of her own to make.  Typing my big dedotes away I wrote half my story before we had to run out to pick up the rental car we are using for the trip.  Thrifty was supposed to give us a midsize car, but since they had none in stock we were upgraded to a standard size sedan… a Chevy Malibu no less, which is very nice and all but immediately brings to my mind Malibu Barbie for me, not a good thing at all!  Needless to say I feel kind of funny saying that I’m driving a Malibu around, complete with sunroof and all.

I won’t bore you with every single detail of our day of preparation – I’m so glad Anjelica suggested I take an extra day off before we left to get ready, otherwise we’d have to postpone the trip a whole other day – but here are a few of the crazy things we ended up doing today: I had to mow the lawn before I left because there was no way I was coming back to a damn monte to cut, my lawnmower ain’t  that good and it will still be burning hot when we get back; Anjelica’s phone wasn’t working right so we had to race to T-Mobile before they closed to try and get it replaced only to end up leaving feeling like we’d been jipped by the rude staff at the local company store front – a big thumbs down for that one T-Mobile; when we got home Anjelica realized she left her purse at the mall where we had tried to get her phone replaced – karma maybe for getting in a fight with the staff there – and she had to drive all the way back with her sister to see if she could find her purse at the mall, which was already closed… I couldn’t go because my parents had just got here and had come to wish us a good trip (they are the best!); then we had to print all kinds of papers and finally come back and pack all of our things into what now seems like a tiny trunk.  Maybe we did pack a little bit too much stuff.  Oh well, I’m not repacking all over again.

So now we’re just about ready to go.  We’re going to catch a few zzzz’s and head out early in the morning to try to beat out at least some of this Texas heat. 

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3 thoughts on “Almost Ready To Hit The Road… in our Malibu, But Not Quite Yet

  1. Muy buen viaje Compadre! It´s so spot on when you say “in true mexicano style”!! Jajaja! Asi mero es en mi casa también! I take FOREVER to pack for a trip (no matter how long it will be). I´m sure you guys will have the best time together, remember to take some great music with you and lots of sandwiches y chucherias para comer en el camino!
    Un abrazo and can´t wait to read your posts from the road!

  2. Jejeje! It doesn’t sound too different from our family trips. Bon voyage y vaya con Dios amigo! Tweet me when you think you will be en la manzana grande. 🙂

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