Top 10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With La Reina Del Sur

¡Se nos acabo La Reina Del Sur! I for one am entering withdrawals already.  Not in a long time had a telenovela connected with me in such a way as Telemundo’s megahit about the narco legend Teresa Mendoza did.  The reasons for loving the novela and our Teresa are many, and I could go on for days explaining them, but instead let me just share these 10 very personal reasons why I fell in love with La Reina Del Sur from the very beginning and as the television hit progressed.

Los Narcos de La Reina Del Sur

10. Teresa was strong.  ¡Indomable! The kind of woman that makes you pay attention, that you can’t help but gravitate towards, because she possesses so many admirable attributes, least of which are the ganas to seguir luchando and never give up.  How can we ever forget those scenes where she was running for her life at the beginning of the novela?

9. She took the bad things people said about her and used them to her advantage.  Teresa was a sudaca and La Mexicana, both meant in disparaging forms many a times, but she never let other people’s discrimination prevent her from demanding the respect she felt she deserved.

8. La Reina Del Sur was never afraid to kick some ass to defend herself.  Hasta con las puras garras she was willing to fight against those who tried to take advantage of her.  Teresa was fierce!  Just ask La Makoki or Sheila, two of the first to experience the wrath of Teresa Mendoza.  Era mujer de pocas palabras y pantalones bien puestos.

7. Mexicans were the center of attention for once, and not in a negative way.  Contrary to so many other internationally set movies and shows that always portray us Mexicans as a people of ignorance and little imagination, La Reina Del Sur cast Teresa Mendoza as a humble, but determined woman who was neither dumb nor helpless.  “Me veo mensa, pero no lo soy”.

6. The Cast.  Oh, the cast!  From Kate del Castillo herself, to Cristina Urgel, Humberto Zurita, Rafael Amaya, Ivan Sanchez, Alberto Jimenez, Gabriel Porras, Dagoberto Gama, and so many others, everyone was excellent in this novela.  My vote is already cast!  Best novela of the year, and best cast ever!

5. Friendships.  There was more than one occasion when I got all choked up because of the realness in the friendships that we saw unravel before our eyes on the novela. To name just a few, Fatima risking her life and her livelihood for Teresa, Ole being such a gentleman all of the time, el distinguido Sr. Pote, Patricia and Conejo, and of course the last scene between Patty and Teresa – that was the hardest one for me to keep a straight face through.

4. Teresa’s ability to love.  Despite losing everything and everyone she loved along the way, somehow Teresa always managed to believe in love again.  It was almost her demise, yes, but it was also what made her so human.  That despite being such a rich and powerful woman, cold almost, she could still manage to open her arms and heart to love over and over again… even at the end with her baby bump, she was in love.

3. The Action.  Wow!  We definitely got to see a lot more than we usually do in a telenovela.  My favorite scenes are two: 1) when Teresa gets to whip Ratas in the face with the back of her hand, and 2) the shoot out scene at the end.  That was awesome!  But in between there were also quite a few slaughters, the gun battles across multiple continents, and even the hanging of the snitch, Driss.

2. The moral of the story.  As cheesy as it sounds, the ultimate message of the novela to me was that good always triumphs over evil.  Sure Teresa was doing a bad thing, trafficking drugs and ordering people in her way to be eliminated, but she wasn’t the one who started the war.  In a way, it was self defense.  If she hadn’t finished her enemies off they would have finished her off.  When we leave our mexicana in the final scene of La Reina Del Sur she is tranquil and happy for the first time in a long time.  Good triumphing over evil once again, LOL!

1. The bad ass production by Telemundo of such a worthy story!  Not only did they tell Univision and the rest of the television networks out there that they are a force to be reckoned with, but they also told us, their audience, that they are willing to raise the stakes in quality productions to win over our viewership.  I for one am paying more attention to their future lineups.

La Reina Del Sur was my favorite novela in years, and to make up for her absence in my nightly programming I will likely be picking up the book by the same name.  Hopefully it will be as good as the show.

Share your reasons for loving our Teresa Mendoza.

15 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With La Reina Del Sur

  1. Me encantó leer tus reseñas y razones Juan!
    I was not able to watch the novela, though I really wanted to because it´s my favorite book! But some scenes were just to stressful for my girly girl eyes. Je je je
    You are gonna LOVE the book! Let me know what you think of it!
    And yes, ¡un aplauso para el super elenco y la super co-producción con Mexicanos! ¡Pa que vean que si hacemos las cosas bien! AJUA!!!!

    1. Tracy, I hope so too because this show even had people who don’t normally watch telenovelas glued to their set and it was a really excellent program all around. I’m really hoping the DVD set will come with a lot of extra goodies (deleted scenes, interviews with the actors, etc.) De lo mejor!

      Y como bien dices, Sue… era hora de que nos trajeran una novela bien hecha con mexicanos de protagonistas y poniendonos en un buen role. Que lastima q en Mexico la esten editando para quitarle lo mas fuerte porque en su totalidad la novela es un reflejo de la realidad. Hay echale un vistazo de vez en cuando… y luego que lea el libro te aviso, comadrita!

  2. Thank you for your post Juan- loved it. I loved La Reina del Sur and watched it religiously. I just started reading the book and love it so far!

    1. Ana! I was so hoping someone would tell me that! I’ve had people tell me the book is good, but knowing you watched the novela and just started reading the book… and love it, makes me want to read it even more! Who says La Reina Del Sur has to end?? LOL

  3. me too amigo… me too… i still cry when I hear the song on the radio.. ando con corona cantando.. “pa la Teresa Mendozaaa…” its a sad thing i even got all excited cause a commericial kept stopping half way through… that there was gonna be a Reina num two… then when it played the whole thing it was about some other chick supposly stronger than the reina… however she looked indian not narca material i was like…shhhheeesshhh no existe otra tan poderosa como la reina del sur hombre!

  4. I hadn’t had the chance to watch the telenovela, but I read the book twice, also I heard that the author was very pleased with the adaptation. I guess I’ll have to rent the series ’cause it seems really interesting and well adaptated, though I’ve already notice significative changes. Y nada más de saber que Zurita es el mismísimo Epifanio Vargas me tiene más intrigada aún. Saludos Juan.
    Morelia, Mich., MX

  5. i want to know what is the name of the song that is the love theme that always plays when Teresa and Santiago have a love scene!!! cannot seem to find! thanks!

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