Rich, Famous, and Vulnerable: La Reina Del Sur

Teresa y Patty

Our Mexicana is now definitely La Reina Del Sur!  Rich, powerful, strong, impeccably dressed, and more confident than we’ve ever seen her before.  Only now, she’s also vulnerable.  Much more vulnerable than she had ever been… than even when she was running for her life in little more than panties, a buttoned down shirt and her baby blue pumps clutched in her arms, trying to make her way out of Mexico as fast as she could.  Gone are the days when her street smarts were enough to keep her ahead of the pack, when she could walk around in disguise, or resolve any issues a puros madrazos.

As is her most loyal friend, Patricia O’ Farrell, La Tenienta, who herself was the victim of her own ingenuity.

This last progression es la que me tiene más apachurrado que cualquier otra. At the beginning, I’ll confess, I did not like Patty.  She was cocky, spoiled, arrogant and rich, probably the worst combination for a likable character in my book.  But then in jail… in jail we saw her unfold as a kindhearted, albeit still spoiled and pretentious, lovable sidekick to our increasingly brave mexicana. They lived, cried and laughed together in there.  One was always looking out for the other, and when that fire almost ended the lives of Teresa and Conejo, it was La Teniente who came to their rescue.  La Reina even thanked her with a drunken kiss, which she immediately took back and Patricia took to mean there was some possibility of “happily ever after” between them after all.

She held on to that dream as long as she could.

Una vez fuera de la carcel, it was Patty who brought Teresa to the level of Diva and Reina by sharing with her those kilos of coca.  O’ Farrell couldn’t have placed that drug in better hands.  Teresa had nothing to lose and she was well trained by both El Guero and Santiago to convince even the Russians to give her a shot.  The rest is history.  In came the millions of dollars, the yachts, the investments, the designer clothes, the fancy houses, the limelight, and eventually even la traición. Somehow, somewhere along that road La Reina Del Sur lost her most valuable ally, Patricia.

The one who had always been honest with her, who had never dreamt of betraying her, and who even in her last hours never thought once about damaging her by keeping from her what she had learned about Lupita.  With a final kiss from her Conde de Montecristo, O’ Farrell made her final departure and left, at least me, with a genuine sentimiento of sadness.  That while their luck seemingly had turned and they had become virtually untouchable, both Teresa and Patricia neglected to take care of the one relationship that had been genuine in their lives: their friendship.

Para mi, that was the biggest tragedy of Patty’s suicide.

Now, once again, La Reina Del Sur is all alone in the world.  Sure, she’s got her allies and the people that work for her, but nobody to trust beyond the shadow of a doubt.  The one good thing that has come from all of this is that finally, after all these months of being way too nice, the fire in Teresa’s eyes is back.  She’s spitting words and threatening lives left and right, determined to not let her Teniente’s death be in vain.  Maybe that was the ultimate purpose of Patty’s departure?  A wake up call for her partner in crime… or maybe, just maybe, I’m reading way too much into my favorite telenovela.

Lo que sí les digo es que este final de La Reina Del Sur ¡sí que estará bueno!

R.I.P.  Mi Tenienta, Patricia O’ Farrell!

Aquí los dejo con los últimos momentos de O’ Farrrell:

4 thoughts on “Rich, Famous, and Vulnerable: La Reina Del Sur

  1. Ay Juanito que bueno que pones estos reviews porque yo no puedo ver la serie, sufro demasiado! Jajaja!
    Cuando te leo me lo imagino, y me acuerdo del libro, so I get all excited again.
    Gracias por la emoción! 😀

    1. Hola Sue! Gracias por el comentario… y si, aqui la novela se acaba el lunes y la verdad estoy un poco triste. Luego me va tocar el libro para no sentirme tan solo, jajaja!

  2. Gracias Juan! La Reina is my first venture into watching the tele en espanol. I couldnt have picked a better novela! I agree with you. I grew to love Paty too but her death has awakened Tere! Watch out you scumbag, Teo! After Monday night, tv will be dull

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