People En Español’s Most Popular… err, Beautiful Gente

Beautiful People

More of a popularity list really, People en Español’s 50 Most Beautiful people… well celebrities, edition is at your local grocery stores and retail shops now.  As if you hadn’t already noticed, with all the promotion People does every year to get as much attention as possible during this time.  They even have an entire TV show dedicated to announcing the bellos on Univision now.

This year, though, for some reason, the list of famosos being recognized, to me, is missing a little oomph.  A little star power.  A little pizazz.  The themes are interesting, sure.  Vintage looks on the usual suspects we’ve seen get the most exposure on various media over the last 12 months, but not much else.   Pero bueno, you judge for yourselves. 

My Favorites

La Reina Del Sur – Kate del Castillo

As always, my Reina Del Sur looks amazing in this shot.  ¡Qué hermosa!

Diana Reyes – Bailadora

They made her look very feminine here.  Me gusta el vintage look on her.

Maite Perroni

Aunque no es de mis favoritas, in this picture Maite looks amazing.

Ivan Sanchez – El Gallego

Y este, bueno si no lo incluyo me matan.  Couldn’t get his actual picture from this edition online so I settled for this one from the net.  I’m sure there won’t be any complaints.

William Levy – Me matan si no lo incluyo

Same story here.  Yes!  Ladies we all know you love him.  So here!

My Not So Favorites:

Niurka Marcos

The picture speaks for itself.  Not sure exactly what it’s saying though.

Ale Guzman - Nalgas...

Ale Guzman.  LOL!  Perdon… pero pues no la reconozco.  Miss her pre-booty-scandal days when she was just a bad ass rockera!

Gaby Spanic

Gaby is an attractive woman… in the right light, y con mucha pechonalidad, ja ja!  Just kidding.  But in all seriousness, this picture is just not very flattering.

Angelique Boyer - the other Teresa

And finally, Angelique.  She’s hot stuff in real life and in the telenovelas, but here she looks too mature… covering up too much.  No fun!

To read and view all things 50 Más Bellos visit People en Español.

3 thoughts on “People En Español’s Most Popular… err, Beautiful Gente

  1. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo en las fotos Juanito! Bleh… meh… pfff… Definitivo la única que vale la pena es Kate “La Reina” del Castillo (uh le queda su nombre!).

  2. No he visto la revista, asi que no se quienes mas estan en la lista. De los que estan aqui, estoy de acuerdo contigo, la mas guapa es Kate! Se ve hermosa en esa foto!

    De los hombres, si estan muy guapos pero no son mis favoritos.

    Lo que no entiendo es porque incluyeron a Niurka en la lista! O sea…NOOOOOO! Fuchy!

    Y que malas fotos sacaron de unas mujeres tan guapas como Angelique, Gaby y la reyna del rock!

    1. Tienen toda la razon comadritas, jaja! Ademas si nos dejaron a nosotros tres fuera de esta lista, pues la mera neta no saben ni donde estan parados… LMAO! No se crean, pero si… there was something definitely missing in this year’s issue. Outside of Kate, few others really shined. And Niurka… yeah, I was SO CONFUSED about that decision. Even moreso that she has hair again???

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