Sound The Alarm! No Puedo Ver La Reina Del Sur En Mi Tele

El grito de desesperación...

You can imagine how horrified I was when after clicking my remote control over an over, changing the batteries out, flipping them one way, and then another, slamming the remote against my knees, taking it apart and then putting it back together, it didn’t do anything!  The digital box just sat there, burlandose de mi, I’m sure!  It knew how badly I wanted to watch the new episode of La Reina del Sur on Telemundo and it just would not budge.  For three days now my digital box has been stuck on Univision…

Which is not horrible, but yesterday I had to drive over 30 minutes away to my parents house to catch the repeat episode of La Reina!  Not really.  I had other reasons to visit them, but I sure did take advantage of the fact I was there to catch up on my favorite mexicana’s drama.

So in the last episode I watched, Teresa was in between becoming La Reina we’re all waiting for (smoking a joint and drinking tequila straight from the bottle), and still being torn about the cards life has thrown at her.  She’s got more attitude, yes.  She’s kicked some serious butt, yes.  She’s fallen for the guy all my comadres are gaga over, yes.  She’s lost a lot of her innocence, yes.  Pero todavía no ha llegado a su trono. So in the interim I’m working on getting my digital box to cooperate and I’m wondering what I have been missing????

No sean malos.  Fill me in.  Please!

9 thoughts on “Sound The Alarm! No Puedo Ver La Reina Del Sur En Mi Tele

  1. jajajajaja… Sorry Juan. I didn’t even watch *my* telenovela last night because I was watching the opening game for MLS season. I’m as perdida as you are 😉

    1. Tracy, you are no help on this one :-/ LOL! Lo que pasa es que el ultimo hook estaba buenisimo (donde iban arrestar a Fatima por ser ilegal, etc) y yo estaba bien curioso por saber lo que paso 🙂

  2. sorry compadre pero yo estoy viendo Eva Luna (que ya está en sus últimos capítulos – gracias a DIos)Pero don’t preocup, ya le vas a agarrar el hilo nuevamente!

  3. Me acabo de enterar que se pueden ver por internet!!! No sé donde, pero ahora mismo investigo y les aviso!

    Claudia: Eva Luna?!!! La novela de Isabel Allende también en tele???!!!! OMG!!!! Necesito tener tele gringa para ver todo esto!!!!

  4. Wihiiii!!!!! Esto es un gran dilema para mi!!!! Tanto por hacer, tanto trabajo y taaanta cosa buena para ver! Juan cómo le hacemos?! Jajajaja!!!
    Voy a tener que ponerme mi límite yo sola: no más de dos capítulos por día, si no, adios vida productiva! JAJAJA!
    Super enjoy Compadrito!

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