Rap # 1

This poem is a rap song given to me to share. 
It is the first guest post in this blog, and hopefully the first of many more to come. 
Thank you for trusting me to spread your written word.

Life goes on even when I don’t feel strong.
I think of all the things I’ve gone through,
& All I can do is wonder,
Wonder if this is worth living at all…

But then I remember the word change,
Because nothing ever stays the same.
& It’s just pain after pain.

& What do I say?
Life goes on because I ain’t no foolish dog.
& I know I gotta keep going on.

Even through all the things I’ve done,
I put my faith in God,
Because he’s helped me drown every single struggle,
That’s tried to stand on top.

Mother fuckers say they got my back,
But when reality struck them (fools) just turned their back.

So I don’t plan on keeping track of any of that,
Because if my blood ain’t running through your veins,
Bitch you can jump on the next plane & get the fuck out my way.

& What runs through my mind?
Life goes on because I gotta mama,
Who aint ganna be crying to me through no jail cell.

Yeah we might not get along,
But mama ain’t ever wrong,
Because she’s made me strong.

& It’s for her that I’ma keep going on.

Because the only way I can think to pay em back,
Is to maintain and always watch they back.

Na you see my ma and pop,
Ain’t ever gana need not a God damn thing.
Because I’ma be standing strong,
& They ganna be living long.

& What do I write up on this page?
Life goes on because I just ain’t done.

There’s too much paper to be made,
& Too many memories I gotta make.

I think of all the things gone wrong,
& I can’t explain how much damage it’s done.

My little man is growing up,
& I can’t even fucking show up,
& Hell, no it ain’t right,
Because he’s got all my love.

& It’s him that gives me strength to say fuck all y’all hoes,
Because I’ma do it big just for him.  
Because even though he may never know,
Not even my first damn name,
I’ma make sure he’s always safe.

Yeah I stumbled & screwed up,
Took a sip here & hit that blunt,
But (fool) it ain’t that easy for me to fail.
So quit standing there hoping I don’t rise up.

I’ma stand above y’all because my place ain’t nowhere near y’all,
& If you thinking otherwise,
Bitch run up, ha…

This is my time,
& I don’t give a fuck if it hurts any of y’all,
But if by chance it does,
(Fool) replay this song,
Because life goes on!!!

 1/4/10     – Anonymous

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