This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JCPenney. All opinions are my own.

Holidays are either simple or hard. You choose which when it comes right down to it. Either you elect to go with the flow and just kind of let things happen without stressing yourself out, or you spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to make sure your holiday celebrations are just perfect. You can probably guess which option I’d choose every single time.

Yet alas no man is an island, and no husband is getting off the hook that easily this Easter either! I happen to be married to the family organizer/crafter/fixxer/etc., etc., etc., so you can imagine how our holidays usually go. She spends days organizing, creating, and planning, and then Edgar and I get to help her carry out her vision, most of the time by lugging things around or just staying out of her way.

Getting ready for Easter with JCPenney

It really isn’t that bad if I’m being honest. We’ve kind of grown fond of this little routine and she does always come up with the most creative and fun ideas. Even if it does mean a little extra work on our days off, it totally is worth it.

That’s the thing about all holidays for us. They’re about spending time with family and just having a good time together, no matter what it is we’re doing. Usually it’s barbecuing outside and eating a lot of delicious food together. Oh and you better believe the expectation is that you need to show up to family gatherings. If you don’t somebody – or everybody – will be asking where you are.

This Easter, we’re keeping it simple. Our plan is to enjoy family and just kick back a little, while the littlest ones figure out where the best cascarones are hidden. To help us do that we purchased a 2.2-gallon drink dispenser by Portico CircleWare at JCPenney this week. That way the food and drink setup is self-serve and everyone can have a great time.

Getting ready for Easter with JCPenney

Finding stylish and functional goods is so easy to do at JCPenney, and everything is always affordable too. We opted for this drink dispenser because making a family punch is kind of a family tradition for us – even if our concoctions are sometimes for adults only. Think nice refreshing cocktails on a hot Texas summer day. So relaxing!

For Easter, though, we’ll stick to the kid-friendly refreshments.

Getting ready for Easter with JCPenney

On a kind of related side note, earlier this month our family was in Miami for the Hispanicize 2017 event where we were all speakers this year. It’s a huge national event for folks in the Latino digital space like ourselves, and on one of the evenings of the event the Tecla Awards take place. We were really happy to visit one of the local JCPenney stores in Miami to complete our awards show ensembles.

Edgar and I picked up button down dress shirts, ties, and socks to complete our looks.

Getting ready for Easter with JCPenney

Getting ready for Easter with JCPenney

Anjelica found her skirt among the very large selection of fashion-forward looks available at JCPenney.

Getting ready for Easter with JCPenney

We’ll probably be wearing some of these pieces for Easter as well.

You really can find almost anything at your local JCPenney, whether you’re in town or almost 1,200 miles away from home like we were. #SoWorthIt! 

Happy Easter, y’all!