A Harvest of Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

What are you thankful for? This year that question is a little harder to answer than before. Of course, there are the standard things one is grateful for: good health, family, friends, life and the ability to see one more day. But I’d be lying if I said this year […]

Getting ready for El Big Turkey Day!

Getting ready for El Big Turkey Day!

There’s something about celebrating holidays that aren’t necessarily yours that makes them extra interesting. I’m still kind of torn about Thanksgiving all together. Sure, culturally, it’s one of those holidays that by this stage in my life feels pretty natural, but at the same time there’s still that little voice […]

Learning to Cook a Turkey & How to Celebrate Thanksgiving

For the first part of my life we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  At least if we did, no me acuerdo.  Instead we’d go about our business like any other day, save for the fact us kids didn’t have to go to school and most years my father didn’t have to work.  […]