12 Days of Christmas Day 4 Molcajete

12 Days of Christmas: Day 4 – Molcajete!

Not the kitchen sink… but the kitchen molcajete, is what we’re giving away today for the 12 Giveaways for the 12 Days of Christmas!  LOL!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Well, actually the prize pack includes an IMUSA Granite Molcajete (this baby is the real deal… it is made from […]

Molcajetes in the Mail

Molcajetes in the Mail!

I could start this article by writing something like “you know you’re Mexican when,” …but then again, some might think that line is just a little bit overrated.  Or even cliche.  It might be, but you know what?  I like it anyway. Still, I’ll spare you it’s usage in this […]

Juan of Words does Salsa Verde

After taking your votes on Twitter, everyone wanted salsa verde instead of salsa roja, which I guess makes sense because everyone prefers green salsa to red salsa on their tacos, well most people anyway.  The process is very simple.  All you need to get started are a few green tomatoes […]