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Little About Living & Little About Love

So one of my absolute favorite things to do is to look back at pictures and remember different parts of my life every once in a while.  Usually the pictures have disappeared from my recent memory and when I look at them again I remember where I was and how […]

El Ruido De Tus Zapatos

I don’t know that I fully understand the letra  to this song, but I have been singing it pretty regularly in the car. The video is even more confusing. I suppose it’s a love story or love triangle of sorts… pero como que no me cuadra.   The group singing it is La […]

Being honest with oneself is not always easy

My mother used to say el sol no se tapa con un dedo. In the case of Latino families, I think doing so is even more complicated. We’re used to being in each other’s business. Familia can sometimes mean snooping around to get to the bottom of things, asking too […]

Beauty in the simple things

This weekend I had one mission.  To spend downtime enjoying the absolute charm of doing nothing, and dedicating some effort to experiencing the world again without so much reliance on my phone or the Internet to stay abreast of “what’s going on right now.”  Then my Internet literally crashed and […]

We Want To Wish You A Very Merry And “Japi Navidad!”

May you eat lots of tacos.  Drink lots of ponche.  Bust a piñata or two open.  Find something you really like under the Christmas tree.  And be merry and japi this Navidad.  May you and yours hug each other a little tighter this Christmas! Thanks for subscribing and reading our […]