El Sol No Se Tapa Con Un Dedo

You Can’t Cover The Sun With One Finger Out of all the dichos I’ve ever heard, el sol no se tapa con un dedo, has always been the easiest for me to understand.  Not that I haven’t tried my damndest to cover up that metaphorical sun on so, so many […]

Aquel Que Tiene Fe No Está Nunca Solo

He Who Has Faith Is Never Alone The existence of faith and God are two things I’ve often doubted. Not so much for lack of understanding – my parents did an excellent job instilling the fear of God in all of their children – but because of simple disbelief.  To […]

De Suerte Contentos, Uno De Cientos

With Good Luck, One Of Hundreds My mother’s mobile Taqueria was purple.  It was wider than most.  It was taller than most.  We had bought it from a previous owner who utilized it as a small business office.  The large double window where    we served orders from was an add-on,    […]