Where does the time go?

Where does the time go?

That’s what I’m contemplating tonight. In just the blink of an eye he’s gone from uttering a word here and there, to thinking on his own and rationalizing the world around him, a su manera.  Honestly, I can’t put into words the feelings that come pouring into my heart when I look […]

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Bilingual Living: Why Language and Culture Matter when Parenting

It’s no secret that I’m not the most structured when it comes to teaching bilingualism.  We’ve talked about it before, in past blog posts.  It’s not that fluency in English and Spanish for Edgar is not important to me.  It is.  For more reasons than I can explain, pero desde […]

Cherish the Moments – They’ll Grow Up Before You Know It

Today, Edgar’s science project was due.  It was on Albert Einstein and his contributions to the field of science.  Titillating, I know!  Hear me out though, real quick.  As we were making our way up the stairs of the school, he wrestling with the display board about twice his size […]

Father to Son: A Birthday Wish for Today …and Tomorrow

Today Edgar is nine!  One year away from 10 and way too many more years than we have actually felt go by.   Por más que me pongo a pensar, the truth is it escapes me where all the time actually went.  He’s no longer just a kid, one who’s […]

El Cínico y El Niño

Somos un par, yo y él.  Me with my cynicism.  He with the sweet and gentle innocence.  Just walking.  Together.  Before we leave, he argues with me about taking his scooter.  We bought it for him because it looked fun.  Only one big gift he gets every Christmas.  I wanted […]

Los Hombres También Lloran

Y ahora sí, como dice la canción: “y no me aguito… ¡nomás me acuerdo!” In truth, there have only been a few times that I’ve seen my father cry.  A couple of times of joy, another handful of pura tristeza.  He’s always been a man of strength and bravery to […]