Why Paquita La Del Barrio taking the plunge matters

For too long now we’ve defined attractiveness by waistlines and bulges. If the numbers on the scale aren’t low enough, if the bulges are too round and too plentiful, if we just can’t fit into that shirt or pair of pants the way we think we should, chances are we’ll just be too embarrassed to even try. For too long we’ve hindered ourselves by all these self-inflicted limitations. We can’t wear that. We can’t do that. People that look like us can’t partake in that kind of activity. It just never ends. There’s always a reason why we can’t.

Which makes Paquita La Del Barrio’s recent bold move to strut her stuff and jump into the jacuzzi with Raul De Molina on El Gordo y La Flaca all that more awesome. Good for her! If you haven’t seen the video already you have to check it out. She does seem more than a little uncomfortable during the jacuzzi segment, and granted the network obviously had more gratuitous reasons for convincing Paquita to take the plunge, but after it was all said and done, she really did make a lot of us proud. Until now mostly size 2, bikini clad starlets had set foot in El Gordo’s jacuzzi. Even Paquita says at one point during the segment that she was afraid her and Raul would not fit in there together.

The fact is they did. And by doing so Paquita has given us one more reason to admire her even more. ¡AJUA!

Why Paquita La Del Barrio take the plunge matters

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