Houston, we have Pollo Loco!

This post is sponsored by El Pollo Loco, but all opinions are mine.

Several of them actually, and coming up fairly quickly. At least that’s what we’ve been told by pretty reliable sources. Think of Pollo Loco as roasted chicken al estilo mexicano for the masses. It’s got all the flavor of your neighborhood pollo asado, and it’s dressed up into various fast and friendly options that were all pretty tasty when we got to sample them at the restaurant’s inaugural event here in Houston earlier this month.

They even have tres leches cake on the menu!

Juan was utterly excited about that.

He was. In fact, he told me later he’d made the rounds at the dessert table a couple of times just to get more tres leche cake slices. I can only imagine what the servers must have been thinking. But it was basically an all you can eat launch event so hopefully everything was cool.

We’d never heard of Pollo Loco so when we were introduced to the brand we kind of had an idea of what they might be. It wasn’t until we walked into the actual restaurant that we realized Pollo Loco is not your average mom and pop shop. They’ve got lots and lots of chain locations across the country and they’re look and feel is more like that of Chipotle or Chick-fil-A. It’s not only their look either. The items on the menu are pretty health conscious too.

So yeah it was pretty cool to see such a traditional dish packaged and marketed in such a mainstream way. Honestly, if you’ve never had pollo asado do yourself a favor and stop by to pick up a sampling today.

We will likely be visiting Pollo Loco very often.



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