Uno nunca sabe

Lo que sube, siempre baja. Y lo que baja, siempre sube. That’s the thing about life. You’re never sure what twists or turns are coming up next. Mamá used to always say uno nunca sabe…

If things were going “too good,” uno nunca sabe. If the odds were stacked up against us, uno nunca sabe. if something unexpected happened, pues uno nunca sabe. And so on, and so on. So you can imagine why making big life-changing decisions for me has always been a yo-yo back and forth process. Should I? Should I not? What if this happens? What if that happens? Maybe I should just not do anything? What do you think? But no, really, what do you honestly think?

Most times I’ll just end up taking a leap of faith. But these days being that careless and throwing caution to the wind isn’t as easy as it used to be. More often than not, I tend to find myself thinking uno nunca sabe, uno nunca sabe. And while that very well might be true, isn’t the point to embrace that uncertainty and just listen to your gut, or your heart, or your better judgement, whatever the case might be?

In a perfect world I guess that would be. And maybe it is. Sometimes I just want to know that when my mom was saying uno nunca sabe to make us feel better, that she was just as uncertain and worried about what might happen as I am when I say or think it today.

You know what I mean?



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