Husbands and wives

Husbands and wives

I was having quite a bit of trouble coming up with a title for this post, while I was browsing Hulu for something to watch in the background while I write, when I came across Woody Allen’s aptly titled film, Husbands and Wives. And well, pues there you go.

The picture is from a recent event we attended, and was taken by Houston photographer Paul Carrizales of American Prestige Photography.  We’ve never used this company before, but they did manage to gracefully capture a special moment for us in this single image. In my book that says a lot. Usually one of us is looking away or making a weird face, so this picture is definitely a keeper.

This day, before we got all dressed up, Anjelica and I had gone shopping for something to wear. We had clothes for the occasion, but we decided to browse anyway.

Most of the time I’ll stand outside of the dressing room, shrugging my shoulders whenever she asks me how something looks or what I think about a certain item of clothing. It’s not that I don’t care, but my sense of style consists of walking out of the house wearing calf-high socks, tennis shoes and cargo shorts. I’m not exactly an expert on fashion. Most of the time I look crazy even in my best work clothes 🙂

There’s also that little voice in my head that sometimes says, “¡ey! qué vestido ni que nada… what the hell are you doing MAN?”

It wouldn’t be fair to say it’s straight up machismo, but there may be an inkling of it somewhere in there too. Still, this time I decided maybe actively participating would be more fun that staring at my phone and checking all my accounts, over and over. We picked out clothes for her, and then we found a suit for me. I even sat in the dressing room while she changed so I could zip her dresses up and down in between outfits. The other women entering the dressing room weren’t all that amused by me being there.

Here’s the proof of our little adventure.

Husbands and wives

Later on that night we had the good dinner, we mingled, and we devoured our desserts. It was pretty fun. Then Anjelica posted the following status on one of her social accounts:

“It’s taken us years, but we are here united.”

Husbands and wives

Indeed, we are.

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