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#VidaConCricket Juan of Words - Anjelica Cazares

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So my phone finally came in a couple of days ago! And I have to say, I have been playing with it for the past four days nonstop. I am going to admit that I am also pretty excited. I wanted to completely embrace the phone the same way I would any other major purchase. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to new tech toys, you see. I carefully open the box, then read the “set up quickly” version of the instructions, before launching into a full exploration of the device. Usually, I first just want to see what the phone looks like turned on. I like to admire it turned on for the first time as if it’s going to physically start dancing for me or something.

I’ve also come to the realization that I actually have to pick up the phone and poke at it to see what it can do. The whole new smart phone process for me is a special experience.

On this one, I’ve already downloaded all my favorite apps. I’ve been on the phone using Cricket’s service nonstop since day one.

And so I want to share what I’ve already learned and have been obsessed with so far. The best feature that my new Galaxy S4 has is the Muve Music app hands down. It’s a free service with Cricket wireless and it’s all about the music. I actually have a running list of some of my favorite songs that I keep, along with favorite movies, a list of movies that I want to see, etc. So I brought out my list earlier this week and started searching on the Muve Music app to see what songs I could find. Low and behold some of the songs are actually on the app. This makes me very excited. I get to tune in to my favorite songs anytime, anywhere because they now live directly on my phone.

#VidaConCricket Juan of Words - Anjelica Cazares

One-hit wonders are one of my favorite categories, and this song by Paris Hilton is one I can play over and over again. That’s actually exactly what I’ve been doing lately.

#VidaConCricket Juan of Words - Anjelica Cazares

This song by M.I.A. I’ve actually chased Juan around the house singing, waving my fingers around… well, at least this part:

You wanna make me, somebody who I’m really not 
You wanna make me, somebody who I’m really not

That song never gets old, and he is so annoyed with it. You can imagine how much fun I have 🙂

My next step is to purchase a gift card for the Play store and a case for the phone itself. Then off to the Texas countryside I go to test the service.

#VidaConCricket Juan of Words - Anjelica Cazares

You can learn more about Muve Music and Cricket Wireless in Spanish here, or in English here. You can also follow the #VidaConCricket hashtag and @MiCricket on Twitter.


Also this week of March 17th I am being featured as the “Expert of the Week” at MiCricket. The topic I am offering advice and opinions about is thrift shopping, or segundeando-ing. Come by and leave your questions. I’d love to hear from you.


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