Spanish Words to Use When Disappointed

Spanish Words to Use When Disappointed
Angry Birds earrings, oh yeah! by Li Tsin Soon

Some things you just don’t have any control over.  Por más que quiera uno, at times there is absolutely zero we can do to make things happen the way we want them to.  Como quien dice: uno hace planes, y Dios se ríe.  At least it feels like that anyway.

The unfortunate thing is when you are a little bit obsessive compulsivo, like some people que conozco, the thought of not having at least some perceived notion of control como que te desespera.  Por experiencia I can tell you, it’s not a pretty feeling.

No sé.  That’s what I’m thinking about today.  Which coincidentally also made me think about the many different ways we have to express our disappointment… en español claro.  Here are just a few that I thought about right now:


Ya ni la amuelas

¡No te digo!

Que absurdo

Que tonteria

Puro pinche pedo…

¡Y dale con lo mismo!

And my all time favorite of course…


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