Essential Latino Snacks for Spring & Summer

So it’s spring and at least here in my corner of the world it’s already quite hot.  Texas humidity is like no other.  My cousin who was recently visiting us from California for the first time could not believe how different and “ugly,” her words not mine, the weather was here.  In truth, once you get used to it it’s not so bad.  Either that or we have to tell ourselves that to make ourselves feel better.  If we look at the bright side though, it also means we get to snack on yummy Latino treats like these earlier and for longer periods of time than most.  So if you’re in the same predicament, or you just can’t wait for hot weather, here are some essential snacks you’ll want to try this spring and summer, if you haven’t already.

essential latino snacks for spring
Fruta en vaso.

This one is only one fruit, but you can mix and match the fruits of your choice to your liking.  The condiments, in this case chili powder, are also up to your discretion.

essential latino snacks for spring
A refreshing Jarrito.

You’ll want to wash down that spicy fruit with a chilled drink from Jarritos.  They have such a wide variety of flavors in their selection.  My personal favorite is the manzanita one.  it just tastes so light and fresh.

essential latino snacks for spring
Natural fruits like mangoes.

Natural fruit like mangoes are also delicious all by themselves.  I don’t eat them all that often because they are so messy, but they are good.

essential latino snacks for spring
Nachos or chips with cheese and jalapeños.

If you’re aching for something a little more hearty, melt some cheese and pour it on your favorite bag of chips.  Add the jalapeños for a little extra kick.

essential latino snacks for spring
Lime Margaritas.

And for those early afternoon breaks, or after a long day’s work,  cozy on up to a lime margarita like this one.  Make your own or visit your favorite hotspot to savor in this delectable refresher.

essential latino snacks for spring

Of course you can’t go through these two seasons of the year without a little sandía in your life.  Watermelon by itself or dressed up as you choose always makes it feel like summer!

essential latino snacks for spring
Un heladito.

Finally, a little paleta action is certain to please the entire family.  You can’t go wrong with this particular treat.  They come in every taste and variety!

¡Ahora sí!  ¡A disfrutar la vida!

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