Spoonachos – The Nacho Chip Spoon You Can Eat!

Not to replace the original spoon you can eat, of course – the tortilla! – these crafty little creations, you’ve got to admit, look kind of interesting.  Like we could all be shopping for them at a store near us in a couple of months, but alas, at the moment these spoon-shaped nachos (spoonachos, how clever is that?) are only the brainchild of Serbian designer and innovator Denis Bostandzic.

Forget those chips you can't hold like a spoon!

Bostandzic must be a huge fan of the nacho because it looks like he went through a whole lot of trouble to dream up this edible design.

How ingenious is simplicity?

Looking at this picture, the idea seems so simple it’s almost ingenious.

Nombre, who would have thought so much planning goes into a nacho?

A couple of people, though, have already pointed out – “now we need edible forks and knifes too!”  ¡Calmados!  Let the man think.

¡Iralo! That sucker looks like it can hold a lot of food.

Yet others have cried foul, saying Frito Lay already has Scoops!

This guy thought about everything, jajaja!

En lo personal, I’m more impressed with the concept of actually designing such a chip than the chip itself.  That in it of itself seems to require a lot of mad skills!

Oh yeah, the project is for sale so if you know anyone who’s in the business of buying new chip designs let Denis know 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spoonachos – The Nacho Chip Spoon You Can Eat!

  1. I consider myself pretty up to date on the news, particularly offbeat news, food news, and anything remotely to do with Latinidad news but hadn’t seen this anywhere. You scooped me! (Or spoonachoed me? LOL.)

    I just had nachos last night and these would have come in handy. If they need volunteers for taste trials later, you know where to find me 😉

    1. jajaja, Tracy… yet another new word, “spoonachoed” – I love it! Really, this seems like a no brainer – how could we resist chips with an actual handle?

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