El Cínico y El Niño

Somos un par, yo y él.  Me with my cynicism.  He with the sweet and gentle innocence.  Just walking.  Together.  Before we leave, he argues with me about taking his scooter.  We bought it for him because it looked fun.  Only one big gift he gets every Christmas.  I wanted […]

Road Trip Rules From Los Metiches & Happy Travels

Before we left, Anjelica was in a whirlwind making lists and checking them twice, stocking up our house with bottles of water and other assorted drinks, dusting off our luggage from months of not having been used, and doing all sorts of other things that I didn’t really understand.  I, […]

The Irish Soldiers Of Mexico: August Book Review

In truth, there may never be an actual consensus on what exactly should be included in history textbooks, much less on what stories should be left out and which ones should always be passed down from generation to generation in our classrooms.  This debate has been the center of controversy […]

From Texas to New York City

Tejanos En La Gran Manzana (Yeah… The Big Apple)

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, or Sarah Jessica Parker as her character in the megahit series Sex in the City – this is coming completely from my subconscious, unbeknownst to me – “New York is fabulous!”  Never thought I’d utter those words… and actually mean them.  I bet my […]

Let’s Win Some Free Gas!!

Un doble honor it is for me to have been asked to represent the city of Houston and the Great State of Texas, as well as the Latino community – I’m the only Latino blogger in this competition – this month, in the Ford Motor Company’s F-150 EcoBoost Challenge! In […]

20 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

Crashing Into Glass Walls And The New Baby

After our two weeks of traveling the country I knew there would be a few stories to tell, what I didn’t honestly expect was for one of them to be this one.  So one day before we were preparing to hit the road back to Texas, kind of disappointed that […]

Houston, The Chorizo… and Sweet Bread Have Landed!!

Had we never taken those trips in the summer to Mexico, had we not traveled to Houston from the Rio Grande Valley with everything including our rooster, had we not been the family with the pig and chickens in the back yard, I might have been a little surprised or […]

An Understated Oasis, Orange Beach in Alabama

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, and DC

Hey guys, so far the trip has been excellent.  We’ve been to so many places, experienced so many new things, and have managed to make it all the way to our final destination in the DC area.  A few things you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been keeping up with our […]