We’re Taking Juan of Words On The Road – ROAD TRIP!

On the road again...

It’s official!  This time next week we’ll be on the road, si Dios quiere, taking our first real vacation in years… probably the first one period, to be completely honest.  You see if it wasn’t work, it was lack of resources, or something equally hampering to our vacation plans in years past that always prevented us from taking one.  And while there are still seven whole days in which anything could happen, including a tropical storm which is headed for the Texas coast (just my luck right?), we’re hoping this year we can actually stick to our summer plans for a little vacaciones.

Our final destination is the Washington, DC – Virginia area, and to make things more interesting, and since traveling by car is cheaper than flying, we’ll be making it a road trip!  I haven’t taken one of those in a minute, and nunca across the states.  Pero como todo buen Latino we’ve left a lot of the details and logistics to the last minute.  So over the next couple of days we’ll likely be ironing out – and I do mean literally ironing out like with a big old plancha, the kind you had to put coal in and everything to make it work… none of this electricity crap – all of the detalles.

What we do know for certain is that we’ve dreamed up a wish list of stops along the way to make things more interesting, both for us and for you, since the idea is to take Juan of Words on the road with us!   That list right now includes stops in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Nashville, Virginia, DC, New York and possibly even New Jersey if time permits.  It sounds like a lot and given the fact that we’ll truly only have two weeks to drive there and back, we’re hoping we can make as many of these stops as possible, in between spending a lot of quality time with my sister and her family.  I’m most excited about that little perk, which was the whole reason for us selecting this route as opposed to any other.

We’ve even made tentative plans with a couple of amigos and amigas from the social media hemisphere to possibly meet up when we’re in their areas, so también veremos how that works out.  Hopefully everything just falls into place once we’re on the road (I’m crossing my fingers it does).

In the meantime, there are tons of deadlines and projects to finalize before heading out, including that little matter with Tropical Storm Don – I knew there was a reason I didn’t like tropical storms!  So por favor, send us good vibes and help us make our first actual vacation in years a reality.

A very dramatic appeal, I know 🙂

17 thoughts on “We’re Taking Juan of Words On The Road – ROAD TRIP!

  1. Safe travels, hermano! Hoping my family and your family have a chance to meet up when you’re in the DC area! Keep in touch and let me know cuando estas cercando!

  2. Guau! Me siento muy especial… desde El Salvador mi hermana no se olvida de mi 🙂 I hope you’re having a great time, Tracy and thanks for the well wishes on my own trip. Ojala that we can meet up when we’re in your area… I will definitely let you know when we’re near! Abrazos

  3. Heeeey! Que buena noticia Juan! I´m sure you´ll have a blast!
    Remember to take some music with you to torture the kiddos, LOL!
    Maybe next year make it a road trip to Mexico? You will always have a place to stay en Veracruz.
    Can´t wait to read all your aventuras. Have a very safe trip!

  4. Juan, have a great time! You made me laugh with your leaving everything to the last minute remark. Mi mama dice los mismo all the time! Wishing you safe travels and I hope this means we’ll be seeing more videos 🙂 Cuidate.

  5. You most definitely will, and con la esposa y toda la cosa… you’ll have a front seat look into all our mishaps and desacuerdos, jajaja! It’ll be like a bad reality show with Mexicans 🙂 a lo Jenny Rivera, jajaja! Thank you for the kind wishes.

  6. Awesome!! Si Dios quiere todo les va a salir super!!! 😀 Excited for you and can’t wait to see where this little adventure takes you! 😀 Because my Hubby is in summer school and because we are …oh yeah..uhm super broke this summer…lol…we didn’t get a vacation this year SO I will live vicariously through you! LMBO! 😀 HAVE FUN, BE SAFE AND HOPE TO SEE YOUR BLOGS ABOUT IT ALL!!! Buen viaje….

  7. Gracias, for all the great messages and well wishes 🙂

    Buttercup, definitely lots of great pictures!

    Momma of Dos, claro que sí you can come along with us a traves del blog. Believe me, I have done that so many times with other bloggers and I always have fun. Hopefully my updates are comparable, lol! Pero pack everything you’re going to need 🙂

  8. Take a PORTABLE DVD PLAYER!!! Drive to our vacation destination was QUIET b/c of the DVD player….BUT I sent all the ‘unnecessary’ items home with hubby b/c he only had a week of vacay… well, after 1 HOUR of being on the road back…’Are we there yet?’…we still had about 23 hours to go! **Ask your Chuy Toy brother to lend you his. Also, AAA has LOTS of deals and discounts on hotels and tickets to parks & recreation locations.

  9. Thanks for the recommendations, Anonymous 🙂

    We are definitely shopping around to make sure we get the best deals possible on everything. You know how much we like a discount. Hope Cali was fun for you guys!

  10. Yay! I am so excited for you & your familia! I heart road trips! I’m very pleased to see that Nueva Jork made the cut! Sending you tons of good vibes and wishes for a fun, safe vacation. Love the pic- made me lol! : )

  11. We had lots of fun in Cali. Your nieces and nephew didn’t want to come back to Texas. And they are already making plans to attend college/university there, we even took a tour of campus!! ***Funny…Chuy just about had a heart attack when he saw Andrea riding her uncle’s low rider!!! Same make and model as Chuy’s old low rider back in the day!! Ironic!! Good Luck & Be Safe!!

  12. Gracias, Victory! I loved the picture too… thought it was hilarious, and yeah, even though we likely won’t be traveling with that much stuff it probably will be a tight ride, jajaja!

    Anonymous, lol, I don’t know whether I should call you by name, but I bet he was looking at her like what the hell when he saw her in that low rider… brings back memories just thinking about it, lol. We’re gonna have to swap stories. I know y’all got plenty from this trip. Glad you all had a good time 🙂

  13. Aaaaawwww Road trips are the best… the car… is like torture… but years from now its great memories to share. I use to hate road trips as a kid…puro pelando con mis hermanos… “mom ya yegamos” lol but now that im a segun adult… i miss it… miss my family and those moments..

  14. Wish you the best on your trip!
    Maybe one day we’ll see you here in Chicago, or Cerritos!Lots of great “memorias” for your family.

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