You Made Me #1, I Want To Say Gracias With a Little Something!

How are you all liking Anjelica‘s Halloween series?  I’m so inspired by all of her crafty creations.  ¡Qué mujer!  I wish I could do that. Today, though, I wanted to write to you about something else.  A couple of weeks ago, for about 10 weeks, I was participating in an […]

Who’s The Más Bello? People En Español Wants You To Choose

From dozens of hopefuls, People En Español has now narrowed it down to five bellos for us to choose from.  Three Latinas and two Latinos from across the states – sadly none from Texas this year – are the finalists hoping to captivate you with their inner and outer beauty, […]

People En Español Searching for This Year’s 51st “Más Bello”

You’re sexy and you know it?!  Well now the world can know it too!  People En Español is once again looking for their 51st Most Beautiful Person in the world and you could be among the finalists being considered if you submit your picture before Thursday, February 23, 2012.  This […]