10 Piropos to Conquer Your Love Interest

10 Piropos to Conquer Your Love Interest

If you’re not familiar with piropos, well let’s just say you’ve been missing out. Now yes, we do realize a great many of you may not be particularly fond of this form of “flattery” some use to compliment the person in whom they are interested.  And that’s precisely what piropos are supposed to be… […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

So we just wanted to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!! The friendship and support you all have showered us with over the years are invaluable. Gracias! Los queremos un chingo! P.S. Check out Anjelica’s special Valentine’s Day treat for me and Edgar. Thanks for […]

Cuando Apenas Era Un Jovencito…

If you’re anything like me or you’ve had half the week I’ve had this week you probably could use a little laughter and music in your life right about ahorita!  I’ve been all over the place, blogging so randomly you’re probably like “¿y este loco qué tiene?  did he get a […]

Don’t Forget The Flowers!

What would we do without all of those señoras that set up shop on the side of the road on holidays like today?!  En serio, for chronic last minute shoppers like myself they seriously are life-savers.  Especially when you are completely desperate because you’ve somehow managed to forget it is even Valentine’s […]

Piropos for Valentine’s Day

¡Estas bien enamorado!  You are so in love and you just can’t help it.  You’re feeling those butterflies in your stomach and nothing anyone says can make you change your mind about the object of your affection.  He or she is perfect in every way in your eyes.  From the […]