Who’s Chuntaro and why does it matter?

Who’s Chuntaro and why does it matter?

My mom: ¿Qué es eso de chuntaro? ¿Quién es chuntaro y porqué les dicen así?  My sister: Some people say that they aren’t chuntaro and that other people are. Right Juan? (laughing) She was referring to the video Anjelica and I made a couple of weeks ago as Los Metiches.  We […]

From San Luis Potosi for the World: Estilo Tribal

By now it’s definitely no secret I’m a huge fan of botas picudas and everything else that has anything to do with what has been coined as el estilo tribal.  If you’re not familiar, it’s the unique Mexican fashion (style) most easily identifiable by the usage of pointy boots or […]

Write The Caption: Botas Picudas – Mexican Pointy Boots

This post is entirely gratuitous and just for fun!  Me encontre esta foto online and thought it would be perfect for you guys to write a caption about.  Obviously están bien entraditos into whatever it is they are doing… but what exactly that is I don’t know.  So how ’bout […]