Lessons from my father: ¡Con Cuidado!

It’s in the little things I see my father in me. It’s the little things about him I miss the most too. The way he used to smile with his eyes. The power in his carcajada. The things he used to say to me then when I would take them for […]

Donde Cabe Uno, Caben Dos: Life Lessons for Adult Children

Donde cabe un mexicano caben cien. That was the variation of this popular dicho we grew up with. I think in actually it’s supposed to go something like this: donde cabe uno, caben dos. This weekend while we were working on the house we all lived in for nine years […]

No Seas Malagradecido

Don’t Be Ungrateful Un malagradecido no reconoce lo que tiene1.  He takes everyone and everything for granted, like nothing else matters besides himself…or herself.  Numero Uno!  He doesn’t realize how fast time flies, how nada en esta vida es seguro2, how every second matters, because we never know if we’re […]