Not right now. Pronto. 

Not right now, she said. Not right now, okay sweetie.  Soon.  Pronto. Mom, can you buy me these shoes. Not right now, sweetie.  Mom, can we go watch a movie tonight? Not tonight, honey.  Pronto.  Mom, can you buy me this book?  Sí, pero ahorita no. Not right now.  Soon.  […]

Bartering With Gorditas

Neatly packed in a perfect order, an apple in one corner, a juice box in the other, a peanut butter and jelly, or ham and cheese sandwich, stuffed just-right inside of a clear plastic bag, placed right underneath another loosely-filled plastic bag containing what looked like a single handful of […]

The Deer We Almost Ate

One second we were playing, the next all of us stood frozen at attention, staring in disbelief at what it was we were witnessing.  There in the front yard, just a couple of feet away from us, well, on the other side of the barb wired fence to be exact, […]