What do Latinos Want on New ABC-Univision News Network?

Soon there will be a new news network in town.  As you’ve probably already heard, Univision and ABC have decided to come together to create a brand new television channel that will cater specifically to one demographic and one demographic alone.  English-speaking Latinos who prefer to obtain their news en […]

10 Latinos In Entertainment Using Their Cultura to Work It

The other day I wrote about how seemingly times are a changing for Latinos in the entertainment industry.  At least to me, it seems more opportunities could be on the horizon.  Not only for the artists at the forefront of these changes, but also for the millions of us who […]

Latinos In Entertainment, Have We Reached a New Era?

First it was Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, then Christina Aguilera on The Voice.  Now, just as both Univision and FOX are airing the same first-of-its-kind bilingual show, Q’Viva The Chosen, ABC is incorporating Cuban heartthrob William Levy into their hit show Dancing With The Stars, and Telemundo is producing […]

JLo & Marc’s “Friendly” Break Up: Is It Real?

They seem to be perfectly chummy.  On television anyway!  Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony seem to be completely satisfied with one another and their new separate lives regardless of their failed marriage.  To watch them together now, whether it’s on their new reality television show Q’Viva The Chosen or promoting […]

All For One or One For All: Drama on Homage to Chespirito

They looked so happy on the set of El Chavo del 8.  All friends up to puro borlote in the vecindario for so many years.  Forty years to be exact.  Who would have ever thought that in their Golden years the cast of El Chavo would be going through such […]

Rata De Dos Patas, And Other Scorned Love Worthy Songs

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Para una corazón roto there’s definitely nothing like a Spanish song about despecho. That feeling that you get after a love affair gone wrong, kind of a mix between hatred, anger and disappointment, where all you want is to spite the […]

Celebrating “El Grito De Independencia” Everyday

¡El Grito! Of Mexican Independence that is.  This year to commemorate this very special day in history for all of us mexicanos around the world I thought about writing something that would explain a little more about what this day means… only I had already done that in this post […]