Top 10 Dichos for New Year’s Eve

If you believe in 2012 time will truly be of the essence, considering the end of the world and all according to the Mayan calendar, then let’s just pretend this Bucket List is sort of a how to guide for putting your best foot forward in the next and final […]

Dichos y Refranes

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Back To The Basics: My Reason For The Dichos

After A Week Of Little More Than Personal Observation… Back to the basics. Something I’m beginning to understand a lot more profoundly lately.  Not like the concept of Back to the Basics of many an artist who swear off all luxuries in order to return to the good old days […]

Cuando el perro es bravo hasta a los de casa muerde

Heard this on the radio today, and it got me thinking. Is it really true? That when we’re angry and despechados we’re also blinded about who we might be affecting and how exactly we could be hurting them? No sé… like many other dichos, it does kind of make sense.

I’m Having A Walter Mercado Moment!

Today I’m thinking dichos.  That’s just the way my mind works.  Este año como que desde el principio 2013 has decided to give me a run for my money.  As someone who has always loved to write, and about myself at that, it’s not often that I can sit in […]