For back to school, a smart and easy new way to shop

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Today is the day. After weeks of summer fun and great family memories made, today, Edgar is officially back in school. He’s starting off a new school year and as exciting as that sounds, I’m pretty happy that his summer with us was just as full of adventure. Now that he’s growing into his own and discovering who he is as a young man I want him to always put his best foot forward.

We talked a lot during the summer – what with the three of us sharing our home and office space for the entire two month break – and what struck me the most about those conversations is how insightful and enjoyable they were. I actually think I’m going to miss him around the house now.

That, or maybe I’m just having my own version of the back to school blues. Better me than him, I guess.

As we began counting down the days for the new school year Juan and I agreed that we wanted to make the most of our last few days together at home as a family. He and Edgar took up walking at the park regularly over the last couple of weeks. We visited way too many parks searching for those pesky little Pokémons Edgar is always after. We visited family and visited familiar places with family. We binged-watched Seinfeld, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, and probably a handful of other shows. And then, this week, we opted for a less stressful way to complete our back to school shopping.

Instead of driving to the store, we shopped online with Kroger’s new ClickList service, and then just drove up to our local Kroger to pick up our supplies (and a few groceries too). It was really easy to use the service and convenient. We never had to get out of the car.

With the extra time in our weekend we decided to go Pokémon hunting again. This time at the new Centennial Gardens in Houston’s Museum District. According to Edgar, the place was “full of Pokémon!” We had a great time just enjoying the gardens and taking a moment to relax in between all the back to school preparations.

We also really appreciated the extra time ClickList allowed us to save by just shopping online. We’ve already downloaded the app and will be using this service again and again.

Now let’s just count on this school year being another great one for Edgar!

Here’s a little video recap of our experience using ClickList for the first time.

More About ClickList

ClickList, which is exclusive to Kroger, allows customers to shop online and pick up their order curbside at a participating store location. A total of 22 locations in the Greater Houston region are expected to operate the new service by the beginning of fall 2016. Through this service, customers have access to purchase 40,000 products from their desktop or mobile device.

For back to school, a smart and easy new way to shop

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