De Confianza

De Confianza

Ser una persona de confianza is a matter of honor in our culture. Well, at least in my culture as I understand it. I don’t want to make any blanket generalizations about what other people might feel or think just because we happen to share an ethnicity or culture. What I will say is that ever since I can remember to describe someone as being de confianza is a huge compliment and also pretty great for that said person’s reputation.

It’s like giving them your seal of approval. Putting your word on the line that this individual is someone that somebody else can rely on as a trustworthy person.

The other phrase that comes to mind is de palabra. 

Have you ever heard “yo soy de palabra”, “te doy mi palabra”, or the ever popular “mi palabra es la ley”?

The latter is etched into many of our hearts and minds, from long nights coupled with many a longnecks chugged back to the rhythm of cumbias and rancheras.

In our cultura, in my cultura at least, being de confianza is right up there with being una persona de bien. A respectable member of society.

Do you agree?

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