This was a good week

This was a good week
Me and my jefita.

I know so because it’s Friday; we’re all in one piece; we’ve managed to write more than we had been recently; estamos saludables y con vida; and well, what else can you say when you take that into consideration.

I’m thinking about my mom tonight. This Saturday after all is Mother’s Day. My mother has been such a true blessing in my life. She has always been the strong one, the one who could take on whatever, always put on a smile, and in a very manner of fact way, always survived even despite the biggest obstacles life has thrown at her. She taught me how to be patient and kind. That hard work and determination pay off. That saying no, or taking no for an answer, is not necessarily always the best option. She also taught me that sometimes it’s okay to fold one’s hands and be the bigger person. She taught me about love, parenting, and above all, about making mistakes and owning up to them.

My mother deserves a shower of blessings upon her every single day. She is the sunshine in the dark. My gasp of fresh air when I can no longer breathe on my own. She is the pillar that holds the very fiber of my being together, and makes everything right in the world. She is the woman who loves me more than anything, and more than I will ever know.

That maternal instinct, I believe, is something that a lot of women possess. It’s like the calling of nature to the female soul. A love deeper than any other love. The love from a mother to a child. It is a pure love. A peaceful love. Not always a perfect love, but a love nonetheless that very rarely can be surpassed. I see it in my sisters, in my wife, my friends, random women who I come across on a daily basis; and in every single one of their faces, when they’re children need them, there is an inner glow of resilience, bravery and compassion. A love that one only needs to see to experience, and respect.

It’s been a good week, indeed. A good week to reflect on the very women who gave us life. A good time to start planning how to apapachar our madrecitas. 

Congratulations y’all! From all of us here at Juan of Words, les deseamos un ¡muy Feliz Día de las Madres! 

Y para mis mamás roqueras, here’s a classic from the one and only Gloria Trevi!

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  1. Me hicisite chillar! what a beautiful post. I can only hope my Gael has half of the nice things you are saying about your mom one day. Thank you for sharing your love.

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