Tortas de Frijoles

So serious food bloggers, you need not worry about my pathetic attempts at writing and more importantly taking pictures of my food.  That’s the disclaimer I’m putting out there before we get into the real meat (or shall I say beans) of this post.

You know how when we were little and our parents would always say, si tienes hambre come frijoles… si no quieres frijoles, pues no tienes hambre (basically if you’re hungry eat beans and if you don’t want to eat beans then you’re not hungry)?  If you don’t, then a) you were better off than most, b) you should thank your lucky stars, and c) you might not find this post as amusing.  Pues sí… it’s amazing how many meals our parents were able to come up with to feed so many mouths with just frijoles.  

Que frijoles refritos, a la charra, revueltos, con frijoles, en tortilla, en sopa… and so many other simple combinations.  Ohhhh, I just remembered beans and fideo all by themselves in a bowl, with a couple of tortillas de harina.  Mmmmm!  My mouth is watering now 🙂

Tonight, I decided why not!  Why not feed a family of three with one can of frijoles (nombre frijoles de olla are too hard to make), one avocado, a couple of bolillo breads, cheese, ham and mantequilla.  That’s all it took to make this torta!

I should have used queso fresco, but we were out so I just used American cheese instead.  ¡Uquela!  You could say this is my bicultural torta de frijoles!

It was delicious by the way.

Tortas de Frijoles Tortas de FrijolesTortas de Frijoles

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