Maybe I’m not a Millennial

Maybe I'm not a Millennial

Until this past Monday I was convinced I was a Millennial.  And I had the factual data to prove it!  Now, after the premiere of Fusion, I’m not so sure anymore.

No.  That’s not a direct attack on the new cable network.  Only that after all the hype of how the network was created for Millennials, all about Millennials, based on precisely what Millennials like and want to see… I kind of found myself second-guessing whether my barely-within-the-age-group 34 years of life were even a good single measure of what it means to be a Millennial.

What the hell does “being a Millennial” even mean? I found myself asking.

That’s pretty typical of me though.  I am always overanalyzing everything.  Especially stuff like this.  There wasn’t really anything wrong with the little of Fusion I did get to watch per se.  We don’t have cable at home on purpose, and I certainly wasn’t going to go out and purchase a subscription just to get this new channel.  Sorry Univision and ABC, this Mexican is too cheap for that.  ¡Sorri for you! 

But since Monday was their first day on air, the new news network for Latino Millennials did make their first morning show episode available online. I couldn’t resist.  I had to watch.  The truth is it was funny, it was quirky, it was kind of appealing… but then it was also kind of, off-putting.  After about 10 minutes of the programming telling me what it means to be a Latino in the US, and how different Millennials see themselves as Latino Millennials, and some other stuff about Millennials, and Millennials, and Millennials… I kind of stopped paying attention.

I made myself focus once again, and managed to tune in for another 40 minutes.  That’s when I decided that hey, you know what… maybe I am not a Millennial after all?  I mean I wasn’t as excited about this Millennial channel for Latinos as much as I thought I should have been, and that kind of made me feel guilty.  It’s great that we are becoming such an integral part of mainstream America!

But am I the only one still wondering why it doesn’t feel like we are really an integral part of mainstream American culture?  Especially mainstream pop culture (the entertainment industry)?  There still hasn’t been that show that I could stop and point at and say “hey, that’s me!, or that was me at one point in my life!”).

In all fairness, I should also say those roughly 60 minutes have been the only 60 minutes worth of programming on Fusion that I have seen so far.  Again, no cable.  Not going to get it anytime soon.  I’m probably not even the right demographic for this new network anyway.  I’m right at the cutoff age remember.  And I should also know better than to criticize a new network (or an established one for that matter too) by this stage in my blogging career, if I don’t expect to suffer any consequences.

I have all but been blacklisted by a couple of them already for sharing my humble little opinion about their programming.

Oh well.  ¡Así son estas cosas! 

Then as I was telling my story to Anjelica about how maybe I am not a Millennial, Edgar chimed in: “You sure do look like one!”

Well.. we all laughed… maybe I do!

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  1. At my office millennialist are the young people in their early twenties who think they deserve high salaries and high positions because they got a bachelor’s degree. They also act like they don’t need training. But they realize after a year that there *are* people who are more awe nose than they.

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