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This will be the blog that never ends.  “Yes it goes on and on my friends…”  Sorry, couldn’t help myself with that Lamb Chop reference there, LOL.  It was too easy.  Okay!  In all seriousness now, this post here today was inspired by a couple of ‘gal pal’ blogger friends of mine (Latinaish and La Cabrona) who came up with the idea of sharing their cell phone fotos online with the world to give us a little more insight into what their daily lives are like, offline… or at the very least, what kind of fotos they take with their camera phones.

I’m real METICHE so you know I immediately fell in love with the idea!  So here it is! My turn.  A couple of my own pictures from my cell phone.   Can you believe I have over 450 pictures on my phone?

US-Mexico Border

I took this picture on our way back from Mexico the last time we went, earlier this year.  We’d been traveling for hours, seven of us, in my dad’s four-door pickup and after waiting in line for what seemed like forever, we had to find some kind of way to entertain ourselves.  My niece Jessy and I opted for sitting on the bed of the truck and taking random pictures.

Keeping with Mexico

And sticking with the borderland images… I want to say that we were on this side of the border (the States) already, but am not entirely sure.  That’s my niece and my younger brother riding in the bed of the pickup.  Les dije that we were crowded in that truck!  This was right before we stopped to eat at Whataburger… todos sudados y mojosos!

Angie's Crafts

Now, something a little more mundane.  I took this picture probably around Christmas… I’m assuming because of the wrapping paper, but this is what our table sometimes looks like when my wife, Anjelica is working on one of her craft projects (manualidades).  She’s the artist in our household.

Pura Salsa

People are always haciendome burla for all of the hot sauce I eat with all of my food, all of the time.  So why not give them something to talk about?  I took this picture just for kicks and shared it online to see what people would say.  The general consensus turned out to be that we all love spicy food and are probably ruining a lot of our internal organs with this stuff…


And finally, this picture that I took very recently.  We were at a local park, out to do some exercising and to take a couple of pictures in the process.  Well, Anjelica was taking the pictures… me and Edgar were just goofing around.  Anyhow, that’s all folks!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

4 thoughts on “Cellphone Fotos

  1. I don’t know what it is about these cellphone photo posts but everyone loves them. We must all be metiches. LOL. The photos on a cellphone are less formal, more spur-of-the-moment – so you get a better idea of what people are up to 😉

    That is a helluva a lot of hot sauce, Juan. ROFL. Internal organs aside, I can’t even begin to calculate the sodium, ay Dios mio. lol… I’ve cut back on Valentina but one of Leslie Limon’s recipes I stumbled upon last night has me craving it bad. (http://www.lacocinadeleslie.com/2011/04/spicy-chicken-sandwiches.html)

    I’m making that for dinner.

  2. omg ur fricken nuts… am mi gusta el picoso but wtf did u just cook noodles and pour hot sauce on them…. lol te vas a morir guey! Pero me gusto las photoes…y mas la cancion de lamb chop!

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