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The Sound Was Brown At Pachanga Fest in Texas!

FROM JUAN: Friends, today I’m welcoming another amiga to the Juan of Words familia.  I know you will embrace Byrdie Franco as a contributing writer and a fresh new voice on Juan of Words.  This past weekend Byrdie attended Pachanga Fest in Austin for us (I know what a sacrifice, jaja!) and here is what she had to report on the very unique and very Texas event.    

If you search the word pachanga on your search engine right now you’ll find that this single word can mean several different things.  For some it might mean a genre of Cuban music.  To others an ex-friend or even a traitor.  Es más in some cases the word could also be interpreted to mean a cat… yes, as in a gato.  Some definitions refer to the breed of cat pachanga!  Now there’s a unique breed of cats and a name for your furry friends.  I like cats, so yeah, that was pretty exciting information for me!

The one definition that probably applies best today, however, is also the one we are most familiar with anyway.  I am referring to pachanga defined as “a Spanish slang word meaning to party hard, normally with many people; to rage.”

Yup, I’d say that’s pretty accurate.  Which is also a pretty good explanation of what happened during part of my weekend this past finde.  I attended Pachanga Fest in Austin on behalf of Juan of Words and well, let’s just say there was some pachanga fun had by all!

Pachanga Fest is the brainchild of Austin native Rich Garcia and this year marked the sixth anniversary of the event.  The music festival was headlined by Tejano-Norteño group Intocable.

“The Pachanga lineup includes rock, alternative, Tejano, Mariachi, cumbia, salsa, electronic, funk, hip-hop and indie rock with one singular theme, the sound is brown,” says Garcia.

The sound is brown indeed!

In fact, it wasn’t just the sound that was brown at Pachanga Fest.  The food and art were pretty Latino-centric too.  Here is one example of authentic jewelry from Jalisco.  The designers were on-site displaying their artwork.  Some of these pieces may take as little as 30 minutes or as long as one week to complete.

pachanga fest texas juanofwords byrdie franco

While surfing through the vendor booths I came across an artist that we are all probably more used to seeing on the stage rather than in the merchant space.  I’m talking about rapper, comedian and actor Chingo Bling of course.  Chingo was there promoting his own clothing line Cancun Life.  He also sold tamales from his very own food truck.  Now that’s an entrepreneur for you!  Chingo has performed at Pachanga Fest in the past.


Rain or Shine, There will be MUSICA!

What was disappointing about Pachanga Fest this year was the weather.  It rained.  And it poured!  At one point, I wasn’t sure if la gente, including myself, were going to stick around.  We did and more Tejanos actually showed up. By the end of the event it was a packed house!  Here are some of my pictures and video from Pachanga Fest:

pachanga fest texas juanofwords byrdie franco

pachanga fest texas juanofwords byrdie franco

Byrdie Franco-Rocha AKA @ByrdieFranco is a marketer and entrepreneur and recently launched her personal blog www.BSoFly.com. Follow Bydie on Twitter at @ByrdieFranco.  

The Megabus is Coming: Texas Destinations for $1!!

megabus coming to texas
The Megabus is literally coming to Texas on June 19, 2012!

Thank goodness for my much hipper and more news savvy friends!!  Otherwise I probably would have never found out about this cool tidbit of information until one of these Megabus double-deckers would have driven up next to me on one of the freeways in town.  No tienen idea how excited I am about these new buses coming to Texas on June 19, 2012!!  The Megabus is coming y’all, LOL!

For one thing, they’re offering fares as low as $1 to Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and even New Orleans their first week of service in each of these cities.  They’re buses also come with free Wi-Fi and power outlets!  Are you kidding me?!  Every time I fly Internet service at the airport alone is like $10.

What really made me chuckle, though, is that these buses don’t actually have any real bus terminals at all.  Instead, they’ll have established points within each city where passengers will hop on or off the “luxury” buses.  My immediate reaction was: Oh, like the Mexican buses!  I love that they are like the Mexican buses… only fancier!

For more information about Megabus or to book your trip visit megabus.com.

Wrap Up: The Social Revolución & SXSW

So we made it finally, after a late start to our road trip, yesterday, to The Social Revolución at SXSWi in Austin, Texas.  For a moment there it looked like we might not because of delay after delay – lo que me pasa por no haberme preparado the night before – but finally we were there and having a good old time.  The Social Revolución was sponsored by Univision News, among others, and we had the chance to meet a lot of great people while we were there.  Kind of unexpectedly, afterwards, we ended up crashing another party hosted by my friends at Ford – well, we were invited – where they served some really great Texas home style bar-b-que.  That really made our night before we made the three hour drive back to Houston.

Check out our pictures from this mini road trip:

The Social Revolucion at SXSW
The Social Revolución in Austin. The party was actually held at the Maria Maria restaurant, which is owned in part by famed musico Carlos Santana.
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
These guys really know how to impress. The screen printing booth was pretty awesome! You could choose your tee from one of four different designs.
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
I, of course, opted for the simple charcoal color with white lettering. Very nice!
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
Next was the Revolucionarios Photo Booth, which had some pretty awesome quote bubbles to choose from. What else would I pick but "Me Gusta Tweetiar".
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
Mando, the man behind The Social Revolución, gave Juan of Words a shout out during the awards segment of the presentation. Very nice of him!
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
Then it was time to get a little taste of the Austin SXSW night life. The city was literally brimming with energy and activity.
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
We headed over to the Ford shindig to check out the new Escape and to eat some home style Texas bar-b-que! Excuse our funny looking gestures...
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
The bar-b-que was awesomely delicious! I had to undo a couple of buttons afterwards just to be able to breathe. I may not be eating for a few days, LOL!
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
It was pretty cool to get to play with the Ford Escape after dinner and while the live band was playing. Plus there were a lot of filmmakers in the room!
The Social Revolucion at SXSW
Finally, this was my prize for being nominated for The Innovator award at The Social Revolución at SXSW. I am really grateful for the nod! Thank you Revolucionarios!